You are the winner when you keep pet chickens in your garden
Chickens are the winner when they live in your garden
Everyone is a winner with chickens in your garden, its great for you, your garden and your chicks. Well mostly great for your garden and definitely good if you plan before chickens arrive. I call on my background of landscape gardening and a passion for pet chickens and omelets.

Chickens perfect the back garden
The perfect backyard garden is structured, beautiful, relaxing and a miniature farm, not just ordered and pretty. In looking for a better life by growing your own herbs, a fruit tree or three, and some veggies, you may find the final piece of urban peace-on-earth is a couple of chooks. We do, even in a small backyard.

Chickens are a first step to food self-sufficiency
It is nostalgic, fitting in with the shift back to food self-sufficiency, by the growing of herbs and vegetables. And it is a gentle introduction to keeping livestock for fresh eggs, like your ancestors. Despite working in an office, what if some of us were meant to be farmers?

Chickens are beautiful
And your garden comes alive with living beautiful animals wandering across it. Chickens and gardens are two of the best things in God’s world.

Keeping pet chickens makes you a change agent for better food
Pet chickens are on the front line of the current good food wars. Consider that pet laying hens provide the best home-grown food, recycle kitchen greens to reduce dump waste, and offer low food miles.

Pet chickens are a key to the growth of ethical treatment for food animals.
Keeping chicks in a non-caged environment underlines the ethical treatment of food animals. Every chicken you keep is one less industrially kept chicken.

Pet chickens are the immediate local step for global change right now.
It is a step you can fit into your life now, giving you healthier, happier, fresher eggs from healthier, happier hens.

Bill and Melinda Gates are keen, with 100 000 chickens announced in their project ‘Coop Dreams or: Can a Chicken Change the World? Why I Would Raise Chickens’, June 7 2016

Follow my how-to blog as I introduce a no mess, easy care way to integrate pet chickens into designer gardens, based on a great coop, a chicken tunnel, and a pet enclosure. And introduce and test all the chicken support aids.

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