John’s Blog 4 February 4 2017
Sign up with the Chicken Liberation Army

Chicken Liberation Army

Free the Sisters!

Enlistment managed by Garden Chicks, words excerpted from Keep a Chicken and Save the World © John Hannaford 2017

I accept that as a member of the Chicken Liberation Army (CLA)

1. My support is essential for my chickens to live in health and comfort
2. I will invest 3 hours a week in my chickens
3. I need to give them a much better life than that of a battery hen
4. I want a better food world and to abolish battery hens
5. I will spend time integrating my chickens with any children and pets
6. I can give and receive the exchange of affection and companionship
7. Chickens are not humans and need the company of their own kind
8. I will take responsibility for timely health intervention, and ethical effective (evidenced-based) treatment, ultimately including euthanasia.
9. I endorse the RSPCA’s Five Freedoms
• freedom from hunger and thirst: by ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and vigour
• freedom from discomfort: by providing an appropriate environment including shelter and a comfortable resting area
• freedom from pain, injury or disease: by prevention, rapid diagnosis and treatment
• freedom to express normal behaviour: by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and company of the animal’s own kind
• freedom from fear and distress: by ensuring conditions and treatment which avoid mental suffering.
10. I will find good, supportive and knowledgeable people to buy my feed and equipment from,
11. I will seek chicken advice from good people
12. If I go on extended holidays I will get a chicken sitter to come in
13. If I can no longer offer these supports I will return or attempt to return my chickens to my provider and if this does not work, seek other help for re-homing my hens.

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