John’s Blog 5
Backyard Chickens and Broken Dreams, and a Shining Hope.

At barbeques and after church, buying materials, dinner parties, at the local garage, really anywhere I go, I get asked what I do, as you do.
And then people tell me the most amazing horror stories.

First I tell people I have developed a ‘backyard pet chicken’ system to allow part-time free ranging in landscaped gardens. Designer Chickens in Designer Gardens.

Then they tell me
The backyard looks like Fukushima after the tsunami and the atomic meltdown,
and now
the chickens are in lock down behind wire in ‘the county jail cage’.


The litany of the problems people have faced has morphed into a recognizable pattern.

We thought we would start with a dozen.

They completely wrecked the garden.

The dog went beserk.

They flew over the fence and never came home.

The smell and the flies were bad.

The amount of poop on the paving was overwhelming.

We got home late one night, and the fox killed them before we could lock them up.

We got rats.

now the girls are in the county jail

What I want to say and indeed what they want me to say is
Keeping chickens alive and well is not rocket science, it is mostly about loving them, and talking and listening to them.
If you know a few basic rules and you check on ‘the girls’ twice a day they will learn to communicate with you in Chook and you will teach them a bit of English.
All sorts of humans have learnt how to meet the needs of ‘the girls’ and so can you. They are happy to tell you if things are going bad. They know it first.
Avoid rough treatment, and try to find a middle course between being over-fussy, and the opposite being neglectful, and that will see you through most things.
After this there are lots of little problems but if you get the basics right you can successfully overcome the problems and you will get better.
Truly some of the worlds best thinkers and inventors love their chickens and you can apply their answers.
Love has found a way for you to make a fresh start and use tested solutions for the usual problems