Blue Swimmer Crab Seafood Omelette
This gorgeous breakfast is sublime perfection, especially when teamed with sweet chilli sauce, and samphire.
Once I was catching so many blue swimmer crabs I needed a new way to get the family to eat them. I know, it is outrageous ingratitude!
One answer was crab risotto.

The other answer was crab omelette, with sweet chilli sauce. With a side of samphire as the greens.


I use pre-cooked crab pieces, which are cut in small pieces and sprinkled over the omelette as it begins to set. The side dish is a little-known local South Australian delicacy, samphire. This is treasured in the northern hemisphere. In South Australia samphire is prolific on the tidal flats of most northern beaches.
It looks a like a thin asparagus and grows on tidal flats. It is blanched (briefly boiled and then cooled in cold water). So it is treated like asparagus too. Serve warm as a side dish. A true salty delicacy, and better if you choose the newest growth of early summer.

As well as crabs, this recipe works well with most delicate seafood; like prawns, yabbies and squid.
For Christmas Breakfast Omelettes we traditionally serve it with prawns prawns.

The recipe follows the herb breakfast omelette

The right kitchen gear, for an easy and fluffy omelette, is:
• a high heat source
• one non-stick 20cm pan
• an aerosol oil spray (or a knob of butter)
• a sturdy silicone spatula as the egg flipper
• a good Pyrex bowl
• a good whisk

The right ingredients are:
• one or two fresh eggs per person, no more than three eggs to a pan
• pinch of salt
• pinch of pepper
• water 1 tablespoon per egg
• a teaspoon of olive oil (extra virgin) no cream we are healthy here!
• 2 teaspoons of chopped chives or parsley

The right mixing method:
• Crack the eggs into the bowl
• add water
• add olive oil
• add salt and pepper
• add green herbs
• whisk enthusiastically

The right cooking
• heat pan
• spray with cooking oil when hot (or add butter)
• add mixture
• as the edges cook, lift and push towards the middle with the spatula
• hand sprinkle the crab pieces on the mixture
• work the mix a little to keep it fluffy and let the uncooked mix run to the outside
• lift underneath omelette to stop sticking
• when the mix in the pan is nearly cooked through and lightly browned on the bottom
• slide the omelette to one side and lift and flip half the omelette over the other half
• slide onto a plate