You know how it is once you get a remote control for your car doors or the garage you want everything to be push button and set and forget.

So I have trialled lots of auto chicken doors. And most are good. Pricey but good. I was vaguely thinking of building my own and I came across one that seemed too good to be true. The Australian Coop Secure.

Disclaimer here, I have chatted with Daniel but I am just a paying customer and this is not a commercial advertisement. I just like his stuff.

So it fits the Garden Chicks project coops beautifully, just mark and drill four holes and screw it on.

You can see how the pop door opens into a chicken tunnel which leads to the pet enclosure.

The Coop Secure has a light sensor which lifts the standard pop door around first light and shuts around dark. Now in my urban area with some fences and housing this is a bit after sunup and a bit before sundown. At one stage I used to set other doors on set times and changed them every few weeks. This quickly gets irritating. But now the sunrise sunset thing is all I want and this is all the Coop Secure offers.

Look for it on or on at just over $100.

I am excited to tell you how well it works for us.