Most people want the best for their chickens. Keeping chickens is such a wonderful step towards a better world. They are a great step in food self-sufficiency. They invented the words “useful pets”.
Your food supply lines may not be as good as a full on, end of the world PREPPER. But is is greatly reassuring to live on a small scale urban farm and to know how to feed yourself.
As you know or will soon discover, chickens have not had any sensitivity training and will not automatically share your backyard. They will happily commandeer the whole space, but equally they will respond happily to fences and supervised outings onto the lawn. To me the revelation has been the pet enclosure. The pet enclosure is the missing link to a well managed small flock that occasionally wanders around the backyard interacting with people and the garden.

A pet enclosure means that chickens have space for them to do their natural chook stuff, like scratching and sunbathing and running around. It is also a space for you to interact with them, feeding them treats and picking them up for pats and health checks.

You can get useless enclosures with low walls or with no human access gates. And chain wire styles (tennis court style) are compact to ship and cheap, but nothing beats the clamp together panels, each 1.8 metres high by 1.2 wide. The clamps also need to be short (70 mm) to stop skinny foxes entering and thin chooks getting out.